Raised: $607K Goal: $1.5M
Good Health and Well-being Quality Education Gender Equality Decent Work and Economic Growth Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Responsible Consumption and Production

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The Challenge

Teaching life skills to teens requires an exciting camp based environment and seasoned educators who know the trades. Creating such a valuable program requires land and dedicated resource for learning.

The Innovation

This project stages summer camps for up to 100 teens from all cultures on planet earth for a learning experiences that will positively shape their lives - forever! 

Our prized students will learn about permaculture farming, caring for animals, preservation of the land, as well as physical health, mental health and concentration / meditation for constructive critical thinking skills. 


The Impact

Education and training of life skills by experts in the field are a means for a more productive and propserous future.  

Ocalafornia is accepting donations which can be allocated towards reservations on the campus. 


This project is in preview mode and is currently under careful review by ICGF directors. It is not currently accepting donations. We hope to offer this for donation/social impact investing soon.

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