Global Impact Through Lending

Our Advisory Board and Directors carefully select social enterprise projects for financing based on the degree of social impact, and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN-SDGs).

Our generous donors enable us to strategically lend to companies founded on great ideas and plans for significant impact. Unlike venture capital that often lends on challenging terms with significant equity, we lend on very simple, affordable terms that keep companies firmly in the hands of their founders.

Our Mission, Vision & Values Matter!

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We help social enterprises thrive and accelerate community-led change through simplified, affordable lending from charitable donors, foundations and impact investors.

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We improve the condition of people, animals and the planet by funding projects and programs that sustainably impact the world at local and global levels.


We hold firmly that in everything we do, we ensure that we are ‘doing good’ by those we work with and by the people, animals and planet we wish to better. 

Beyond this, we focus on sustainability, innovation and transparency as elements of our core values.

We hold firmly that in everything we do, we ensure that we are ‘doing good’ by those we work with and by the people, animals and planet we wish to better.

Sustainability Matters

We believe deeply in supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by funding global projects that are in alignment with these goals.

Innovation Matters

We support great ideas and technology innovations that transform businesses into tangible, executable, scalable solutions.

Transparency Matters

We offer financial transparency so we remain openly accountable to our donors, partners, and supporters. We keep administrative costs low with no director salaries.

Our Team

Kevin McAhren


Kevin's vision, passion for philanthropy, and commitment to social impact provides the power to propel the foundation forward.

Stacie Harrison


Stacie's expertise and background enables her to manage operations, administration, marketing, board activities, and strategic direction.

Alan Gloyne


Alan has a strong tech background, and long-standing involvement in iCause and nonprofits in the US and Latin America.

Jorge Santisteban


With expertise in finance, wealth management, foundations, and social impact investing, Jorge is a strong board contributor.

Bo Megginson


Bo delivers tremendous insights in early-stage angel/venture capital, loans, private equity, finance, and strategy development.

Alex Nelson


Alex shares his strong expertise in commercial finance, business planning, management, financial strategy, and operations.

Jon Sahn


Jon brings a wealth of experience from business development to fundraising with over 50 high-impact nonprofit organizations.

Lisa Riley


Lisa's advice leverages her expertise in fundraising, microlending, nonprofits, marketing, finance, and strategic planning.

Sebastian DeVivo


Sebastian shares his strong background in finance with multi-faceted focus on startups and investment capital.

Chris Nolan


Chris is a connector with many years social and enterprise business development as the manager of investor relations.

Creating Jobs and Enhancing Lives

We invest in social enterprises that are based on great ideas with verified plans for significant growth.

Our goals and approach aim to enhance lives and create jobs within local communities.

  • Creation of sustainable jobs
  • Inspires the local community
  • Increases the quality of life
  • Mission, Vision and Values Screening
  • Project Plans / Phases and Financial Documentation

Projects which enhance people’s lives by and with social impact businesses which positively understand local communities.


Projects that create jobs by nourishing natural resources with alignment to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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