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iCause Global Foundation (ICGF) is a social enterprise lending organization.

We connect foundations, nonprofits, impact investors and socially responsible companies together to accelerate community-led change by soliciting assets and donations for "recycled" business financing. This innovative approach supports social entrepreneurs and vetted social impact businesses without the need for repetitive donor solicitations.

Our Mission

To connect charitible donors and investors with social responsible companies to transform philanthropy and accelerate community-led change.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, corporations and nonprofits who benefit from philanthropic collaboration.

Our Values

To offer financial transparency (with no Director salaries) which explores advancement in technology with new ideas and innovative approaches.


Kevin McAhren


Kevin is a serial entrepreneur who strategically deploys information technology to culminate massive action towards positive social change.

Jon Sahn


Jon brings a wealth business development experience to  social enterprise financing from years of assisting high-impact nonprofit organizations.

Alan Gloyne


Alan is a professional executive with many years of experience in International technology deployments across high-tech vertical industries. 

Ronan Cashell


Ronan is a certified tech-expert overseeing our many high-tech solutions for systems which leverage big-data for our philanthropy supporting analytics.

Stacie Harrison


Stacie brings new energy to the culture of giving through strategies which emphasize nonprofit sustainability and social entrepreneurial innovation.



You, as a social Influencer, have a lifetime of joy waiting for you and your actions for change can bring peace, love and prosperity to planet earth; and the universe.

Creating Jobs and Enhancing Lives

We invest in social enterprises that are based on great ideas with verified plans for significant growth. Our projects aim to enhance the life of people living on planet earth which positively create advancements within local communities.

Good Health and Quality Education are prime focus areas for new projects as well as collaboration with teams and funding organizations who support alignment with the accepted UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs).

  • Creation of sustainable jobs
  • Inspires the local community
  • Increases the quality of life
  • Mission, Vision and Values Screening
  • Project Plans / Phases and Financial Documentation

Projects which enhance people’s lives by and with social impact businesses which positively understand local communities.


Projects that create jobs by nourishing natural resources with alignment to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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