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Good Health and Well-being Clean Water and Sanitation Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainable Cities and Communities Responsible Consumption and Production Life Below Water Partnerships to Achieve the Goal

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Functional Food Biotechnologies (FFB) and its partner company MycoLife, are functional food biotech companies, created to change the way people think about health and wellness by utilizing nature’s gift of foods. We have targeted areas we believe will make a difference in the way we consume food through inclusion of adaptogens, algae, and nootropics using proprietary high-tech nano-emulsification for suspension and bioavailability. 

We Are Food!

  1. We provide healthy, functional foods that ensure wellness for a happy and healthy lifestyle.
  2. We aid quality brands in achieving excellence through acquisition, restructuring & channel alignment.
  3. We develop processes aligned with proven ESG Certification focused investment strategies.

Notable characteristics of our ESG focused Organization

  • Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) Measurement & Conformity
  • Premium International Food Standards (ANSI, ISO)
  • Authentically In-Sourced Products and Key Ingredients
  • Sustainability Standards at all levels of Manufacturing
  • Use of Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies (ELF) for Water Synchronicity
  • Warehousing and In-House Legal HealthCare Expertise

This is the flagship commercial product for FFB and MycoLife.

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