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The Challenge

We have lost the art of growing organic food for the needs of our family and community. We need ways to encourage sustainable, eco-friendly living, which integrate the intelligence of nature with human ingenuity. Many skills and species have been lost to a society which does not support learning about subjects like: AQUAPONICS, ALGAE PRODUCTION, MYCOCULTURE, BEE HAVENS and VERMACULTURE  

Furthermore, the housing market is not sophisticated or robust enough to meet our planetary future needs, as urban population numbers will likely continue to climb over the next 10-15 years.

A localist approach is essential for managing and sustaining communal infrastructure with access rights and privileges granted to contributors. Catering to a community needs, geodesic domes serve as the perfect sustainable solution for improving the quality of life.

The Innovation

This project creates a synergistic relationship between people, plants, and the land by creating a model that nurtures sustainable connections between these categories.

The long term initiative will inspire others to operate on the principles of permaculture and contribute value in a way that supports a future of sustainability; enriching lives in peaceful cohabitation with the ecosystems that surround us.

The Impact

Geodesic domes serve as a viable, long-term solution to sustainable living. A geodesic megacomplex system will serve as a resource-efficient, cost-effective, and perpetual model for resolving prominent global issues through an approach centered on localist principles, sustainable agrarian techniques, and community values.

Geodesic domes are regarded by the American Institute of Architects called it “the strongest, lightest, and most efficient means of enclosing space yet known to man.” The resource efficiency, the durability, and portability of structure, and versatility in the application of these domes are quintessential attributes that illustrate the value of implementing such structures.

Access to low-cost housing will positively impact populations through savings on alternative housing and offer a much higher likelihood of retaining jobs in harmony with an increased quality of life.

This project is in preview mode and is currently under careful review by ICGF directors. It is not currently accepting donations. We hope to offer this for donation/social impact investing soon.

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