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The Challenge

Small Food Producers (urban farmers) are challenged to grow much needed crops because of highly controlled industry on the land, including the lack of incentivization to diversify.

Since profits are controlled by the buyers, this therefore dictates what is to be grown in many regions of the world where they do not have access guideance or financial networks.

In order to turn ever larger profits, companies often turn to reduced ingredient quality. Preservatives to increase shelf life, fats and sugars to artificially sweeten, and harmful pesticides for crops are all examples of regular occurrences in the food industry.

The Innovation

Innocent Chocolate (InnocentChocolate.com) is following an economic model of a for-profit company with the beneficial environmental philosophies that often come from non-profit ventures. Innocent Chocolate is the first GESERP model company supporting our pilot program proving: a healthier planet can also mean healthier inhabitants.

We produce only 100% natural, organic, delights with loads of healthy science hidden inside.

The Impact

EarthCorp is engaging in a Global Economic Stimulation and Environmental Regeneration Program (GESERP) model to gift 25% of the final net profits back to the Small Food Producers. EarthCorp supports them to grow pure, organic, healthy foods and pays them fair market price for the crops, then adds value and sells it; bringing the retailer, and the consumer together in a working relationship where everyone wins.

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EarthCorp Foundation Inc is a Florida nonprofit and an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3),Title 26 USC, having FEIN No. 26-4605791.

For more generous donations, please email [email protected] for account and routing information.

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