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The Challenge

Gala"s could easily be more fun... and a new way to think about charitable events and heart-felt giving needs to be curated and shared with all the worthy causes of the world! 

The Innovation

Fast Town Motoplex is launching a private, luxury membership and event space for supercar enthusiasts. It will open in the South Florida area, then franchise its “Fast Town”  model around the world. The club will elegantly unite Philanthropists while reveling in a shared passion for speed and design. The business structure will include a “member managed not-for-profit organization” allowing its Founding and VIP members to enjoy the tax exemption with voting rights on fundraising Projects.

The venues will be diverse, from smart-casual to elegant, with private meeting spaces and black-tie settings. Event coordinators will host fundraisers for charities and for its member’s foundations with an enticement of funds matching.

There will be a profit sharing program and seasoned financial planning which extends its funding by also sharing in profits derived from the franchise locations.  

P.S. Aficionados: this is a Global Franchise Opportunity!

The Impact

Fast Town location features will accommodate multiple business activities under one roof. The primary focus will be on charity events, car collections and car modifications. The settings will be “fast town themes” supporting auto enthusiast events; racing, auctions, and fundraisers. There will be multiple bars, racing simulators, poker nights, etc... centered on fun for attendees. 

Sharing of fundraising in a supercar setting is fun, brings recurring events and greater awareness of great causes.



This project is in preview mode and is currently under careful review by ICGF directors. It is not currently accepting donations. We hope to offer this for donation/social impact investing very soon.

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