EarthCorp - Innocent Chocolate

$50 $30

There’s nothing innocent about the sinful taste of our dark chocolate.  But there’s plenty that is innocent about the health benefits of its ingredients.  

Each bite of Innocent Chocolate™ can help remove thousands of calories from your diet weekly.

You will recieve 1 BOX of Innocent Chocolate for $30. * retail $50 when available at store locations.

Organic dark chocolate’s health benefits are practically unrivaled. It contains iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, and selenium; all good for you. Surpassing even acai and blueberries, dark chocolate is among the highest tested antioxidants, helping neutralize free radicals that damage healthy cells. Its flavanols help relax arteries, reducing blood pressure, even helping protect skin from sun damage. It can also improve brain power, reduce insulin resistance, lower bad cholesterol, and raise good cholesterol. If all that doesn’t improve your mood, it’s Phenethylamine will, releasing happiness hormones, endorphins, and serotonin in the brain. Because we use very fine quality, single origin beans and combine our powerful active ingredients into the chocolate, our’s is the highest antioxidant chocolate in the world, which adds even another amazing health benefit for you.




Innocent Chocolate shares 100% of its net profits with EarthCorp. EarthCorp now supports approximately 175 Small Food Producers raising the very same organic, fair trade cacao that makes up Innocent Chocolate. EarthCorp also provides the Small Food Producers with multiple income streams from other crops beyond the cacao so they can see greater income and much less risk by not relying on just one crop. Further, all the work is done in a model that is based in true organic, environmentally sustainable, renewable, preservation-minded ways.

When we say we are the most mission driven company of all time, we mean it.

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